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1982 Title: Conversion of the Conventional Boiler into Recovery Boiler at Tembec
Authors: Johan H. Jansen, Buck H. Haskell, and James Graff
Presented: 1982 International Sulfite Pulping Conference
Ref. No.: TP1982A

Tembec Inc., of Temiscaming, Quebec, has pioneered the conversion of a 110 KT/hour pulverized coal fired boiler into an ammonium sulphite liquor burning boiler.

The system is composed of vapour recompression evaporators, boiler, and flue gas scrubbing facilities costing 28 million dollars.

The rationale, the design criteria, and the subsequent performance, along with associated operating problems, are described.

The installation is operating successfully while producing 100 KT/hour of steam, 30 KT/hour of hot water and recovering 18 tons/day of sulphur. A major beneficial side effect has been a substantial BOD reduction to the receiving waters.

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