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1986 Title: Recovery Boiler Tutor (RBT) An Interactive Simulation and Training Aid
Authors: Johan H. Jansen, Arie Verloop, and Darrell Blegen
Presented: 1986 TAPPI Engineering Conference
1988 TAPPI Kraft Recovery Operations Short Course
Ref. No.: TP1986A

Development of personal computer technology has recently made possible a new type of instruction and training. A kraft recovery boiler process simulator and tutor has been developed that allows recovery system operators to control a dynamic interactive model of a kraft recovery boiler. This form of instruction provides multi-colored visual displays and tutoring of many normal and emergency operating procedures. Economical and environmental aspects of the recovery boiler process and above all safety and reliability are important factors.

The Recovery Boiler Tutor (RBT) can simulate units of conventional design with a direct contact evaporator or direct-fired units. Any particular unit can be specified by programming in the specific operating variables of that unit. Operators may create upset conditions, operating problems and emergency situations and are then required to take action to resolve these conditions.

RBT has been designed for use by kraft recovery boiler operating personnel with various levels of experience and training. An IBM AT-PC is used to run the software.

Funding for the development of RBT was provided by the American Paper Institute (API), New York, N.Y., under the auspice of the Recovery Boiler Committee/Organization and Training Subcommittee.

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