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1986 Title: Teaching a Complex Industrial Process
Authors: Beverly Woolff, Darrell Blegen, Johan H. Jansen, and Arie Verloop
Presented: COINS Technical report 86-24, Computer and Information Science Artificial Intelligence and Education, Volume 1, Ablex Publishing, 1987
Ref. No.: TP1986B

Computer training for industry is often not capable of providing advice custom-tailored for a specific student and a specific learning situation. In this paper we describe an intelligent computer-aided system that provides multiple explanations and tutoring facilities tempered to the individual student in an industrial setting. The tutor is based on a mathematically accurate formulation of the kraft recovery boiler and provides an interactive simulation complete with help, hints, explanations, and tutoring. The approach is extensible to a wide variety of engineering and industrial problems in which the goal is to train an operator to control a complex system and to solve difficult "real time" emergencies.

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