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1991 Title: Power Boiler Tutor (PBT) Simulates Boiler Operation
Authors: Allan R. Walsh, Waudean S. Thomas, and Johan H. Jansen
Presented: TAPPI Journal, Vol. 74, No. 12, December 1991
Ref. No.: TP1991B


At most pulp and paper mills, the steam required for many operations is generated in hog fuel or coal-fired boilers. Operator training plays a key role in achieving safe and efficient operation of these boilers.

A computer-based training program called the Recovery Boiler Tutor (RBT) was developed for the American Paper Institute, Inc. by the J.H. Jansen Company, Inc. This program for recovery boiler operators has been instituted in over 70 mills in its original and updated forms. The updated version is a Microsoft Windows-based program that allows interactive graphics to be used. The demand for RBT has led to the development of the Power Boiler Tutor (PBT), which simulates normal operation, startup, shutdown, and common problems encountered during boiler operation.

A benefit of a simulator such as PBT is that it exposes novice operators to boiler operations before they are put in control of actual boilers. Also, PBT can help experienced operators refine their skills. This approach also avoids the production losses and risks involved when operators are trained on actual mill boilers.

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