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1992 Title: Operator Skill Booster/Boiler Wise Guy
Authors: Arie Verloop and Waudean S. Thomas
Presented: 1992 Spring BLRBAC Meeting
TAPPI Journal, Vol. 75, No.11, November 1992
Ref. No.: TP1992D


It is sometimes said that an operator can make or break a mill. This is especially the case for the largest and single most expensive piece of equipment in a kraft pulp mill: the recovery boiler. With the recovery boiler at the heart of the kraft mill, emphasis is on continuous and reliable operation within certain limitations. For example, the recovery boiler must be operated in compliance with:
  • Safety criteria for personnel and equipment
  • Environmental regulations to minimize emissions of air pollutants
  • Capacity and reliability requirements to meet production
  • Operating efficiency targets, such as reduction and thermal efficiency.

Requirements from recovery operators are always increasing to effectively meet these targets and stay abreast of new developments. Efforts to enhance their skill level are normally welcomed. To meet these demands, J.H. Jansen Company has developed a practical training tool for recovery boiler operating personnel: OSB, the Operator Skill Booster program.

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