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1996 Title: Optimization of Combustion Air Delivery at Mead, Escanaba
Authors: Allan R. Walsh, John F. La Fond, Michael Fornetti, and Tim LeGault
Presented: 1996 TAPPI Engineering Conference
TAPPI Journal, Vol. 81, No. 9, September 1998
Ref. No.: TP1996A


The load on a 1970 vintage recovery boiler caused accelerated fouling in the upper furnace, unstable combustion in the lower furnace, and TRS emissions that were difficult to control. Jansen Technologies worked with the mill to determine the best way to increase combustion air delivered at or above the liquor guns. Evaluation of several configurations by computer modeling led to the use of air nozzles on both the front and rear walls at the liquor gun level. The primary benefits of the modifications were reduced carryover, less plugging of flue gas passages, reduced TRS emissions, and more stable combustion in the lower furnace.

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