Many plants are facing stricter NOx emission reduction limitations from boiler stack gases in the near future. Often, NOx emissions must be reduced by more than 50% from current levels.

Jansen’s Approach to Solving NOx Emissions Reduction Issues

  1. Understanding the customer’s goals
  2. Understanding the local environmental permitting constraints.
  3. Evaluating the current boiler operation to:
    a.  Determine current NOx creation mechanism
    b.  Analyze the physical arrangement of the combustion system; size of furnace, location of existing burners and air supply
    c.  Determine operating strategy/control, fuel splits, load variability
    d.  Establish fuel properties
  4. Perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to predict effectiveness of types of solutions.
  5. Evaluating types or combination of NOx reduction solutions for most viable and cost effective solutions. Determine capital cost and operating costs as well as “side effects” of proposed solutions.
  6. Providing operating recommendations and hardware alterations that best meet the customers’ goals. Where appropriate, possible solutions may include:
    • Staged combustion/overfire air
    • Flue gas recirculation (FGR)
    • Low excess air
    • Low NOx burners
    • Fuel rich secondary combustion (reburning)
    • Automatic combustion controls
    • Urea/ammonia injection (SNCR)
  7. Design and supply specific NOx reduction technology and equipment.

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