Increased Capacity

Existing recovery boilers often have a potential for increased throughput, while meeting stringent air emission limitations, provided these units are upgraded with modern air and liquor delivery systems. Using the patented Jansen High Energy Combustion Air Nozzle™, JANSEN has retrofitted over 25 recovery boilers for this purpose. The capacity gains over previous operation have been in the range of 20% to 50% with TRS release well below 5 ppm. Additionally, both boiler pluggage and air emissions have decreased as a result of the improved combustion conditions.

Scope of Services

Typical upgrade engineering services from JANSEN include:

  • CFD modeling to optimize design features of the modifications.
  • Redesign of the air delivery and distribution system, including multi-level air supply, fans (if needed), ducting, ports, and air nozzles.
  • Redesign of the liquor delivery and firing systems, including piping, liquor heaters, gun ports, and liquor nozzles.
  • Redesign of boiler pressure parts (JANSEN has ASME S-stamp certification) and auxiliaries for improved operation, reduced pluggage, additional capacity, or other purposes.
  • Implementation of HVLC NCG incineration.

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