Power and Recovery Boiler Efficiency is increased through the Injection of High Volume Low Concentration (HVLC) dilute non-condensable gases (DNCG) in the boiler using the Jansen High Energy Combustion Air Nozzles™ can be practiced in different ways:

  • In a recovery boiler, global mixing of the DNCG stream with all secondary and/or tertiary air through all new nozzles. On a power boiler, global mixing with all overfire air (OFA).
  • Local mixing of the DNCG stream with air to selected new nozzles on the secondary and/or tertiary air levels, or OFA.
  • Separate injection (using blower), without air mixing, through a selected number of new nozzles.

Power and Recovery Boiler Efficiency

The benefits of installing Jansen air nozzles for DNCG disposal in the recovery/power boiler are many:

  • Work includes initial process evaluation to determine best location and method of injection.
  • Injection method, system, and nozzles are custom designed for each application.
  • Nozzle has clean, open discharge with high jet velocity, and no back flows or tube impingement.
  • Nozzle tips are corrosion resistant.
  • Rapid combustion of DNCG components; no emissions excursions.
  • Boiler stability is not affected.
  • Nozzles have shown no/low maintenance.
  • System has easy shut-off capability.

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