All recovery boilers are designed individually and operated differently. In order to determine the feasibility of modernizing existing units for increased capacity, improved efficiency, extended service life, reduction in emissions of air pollutants, or other specific purposes, detailed knowledge is required about their specific arrangement and operational limitations. The performance evaluation, which includes a boiler field test, determines baseline conditions and provides a prediction of the expected results of an upgrade. JANSEN has carried out performance evaluations for over 90 kraft recovery boilers, many of which have led to actual upgrades.

Scope of Services

The JANSEN performance and engineering evaluation is adapted to local conditions and the
specific requirements of each assignment, and will normally include the following scope of services:

  • Field test to collect current data and establish present performance and baseline conditions.
  • Performance calculations under test conditions and projected future operation.
  • Engineering evaluation of critical design and operating parameters affecting the proposed changes.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and analysis.
  • Steam/water circulation study.
  • Determination of necessary boiler modifications to accomplish the desired objective.
  • Budget cost and project time schedule estimates.

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