• Chemical Recovery Boilers
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Waste Fueled Boilers (MSW and RDF)
  • Superheater Capacity Performance and Upgrade

Scope of Services

The performance and reliability of superheater capacity plays a critical role in overall plant efficiency and in-house power generation. With increased fuel and power costs, more emphasis is placed on maximizing in-house power generation. In recent years, Jansen has completed projects of the following nature to improve the operating performance, capacity, and reliability of superheaters in existing waste fueled boilers:

  • Corrosion analyses (see Capabilities Reference Sheet C-14).
  • Metallurgical upgrades to improve corrosion resistance.
  • Design and supply of additional heating surface to increase final steam temperature.
  • Modify steam flow pattern to minimize pressure loss across the superheater.

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