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A valuable technique used by JANSEN during its analyses of circulation conditions is the application of Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring (UFM). UFM allows for direct water velocity measurements in selected downcomers and boiler furnace tubes without penetrating the pressure part boundary (as this is needed when using Pitot tubes). Therefore, UFM measurements require no boiler downtime.

Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring of Boiler Circulation and UFM data provide invaluable input in the evaluation of boiler circulation conditions. The technique has been used successfully for making flow measurements on tubes and pipes with diameters from 2½ inch to 22 inch and water velocities from less than 0.1 ft/sec to over 14 ft/sec at temperatures up to 600ºF.

For many applications, the UFM technique offers the following benefits and advantages:

  • UFM instrumentation is clamped onto the outside of a tube rather than drilling and welding Pitot tubes.
  • UFM instrumentation is mounted while the boiler is on-line.
  • UFM instrumentation can be easily moved to different locations.
  • UFM instrumentation makes a line-scan measurement across the pipe rather than a single point.
  • UFM instrumentation can detect reversal of flow direction.
  • UFM instrumentation can be calibrated mid-way during testing.
  • UFM instrumentation can accurately measure flows as low as 0.1 ft/sec.

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