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Many biomass fuel-fired boilers experience challenges that prevent higher biomass (i.e., wood waste or sludge) fuel burning rates at significant lower operating cost. For example, the unit may experience high CO and VOC emissions and excessive carryover of fly ash, and/or may experience combustion instabilities with the need for continuous co-firing of auxiliary fossil fuel to sustain combustion. These issues can be solved with a Biomass Boiler Combustion System Upgrade.

The above problems described above are symptoms of poor biomass boiler combustion that is caused by ineffective overfire air (OFA) delivery. JANSEN’s modern, sidewall, high capacity OFA system has proven that these problems can be solved. Our sidewall OFA system creates a zone of turbulent mixing across the full furnace cross section in which fines and volatiles are rapidly burned.

A limited number of relatively large OFA nozzles are used. Because the patented JANSEN air nozzles have very low internal pressure losses, our OFA system can typically be installed in biomass boilers without the need for new or modified forced draft (FD) fan(s). Installation time is during a five day outage.

Operational benefits (and associated economic impact) that are normally achieved are:

  • Reduced reliance on auxiliary fuel to maintain combustion (lower auxiliary fuel cost).
  • Ability to burn additional biomass fuel (lower auxiliary fuel cost).
  • Reduced carryover of fly ash (lower landfill cost).
  • Reduced carbon content in fly ash (improved thermal efficiency).
  • Reduced excess air usage (improved thermal efficiency).
  • Reduced CO, NOx, and VOC emissions (higher efficiency and better emissions compliance).
  • Reduced flue gas temperature into the superheater (less erosion/tube wastage).
  • Improved combustion stability and reduced furnace puffing (this may be a safety issue).
  • Efficient incineration of HVLC NCG.

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