Boiler Circulation Studies


Boiler Circulation

Circulation of water through boiler tubes is necessary to prevent tube overheating and potential failure. The need to conduct a boiler circulation study is typically dictated because of any one, or combination of, the following reasons:

  • To establish the maximum steaming rate at which circulation remains adequate.
  • To determine pressure part modifications needed to support a significant increase in fuel burning rate.
  • To evaluate the effect of changing boiler operating conditions (such as type of fuel or operating pressure) on circulation.
  • To evaluate the effect of changing heating surfaces on circulation.
  • To uncover factors causing repeat pressure part failures and/or tube overheating.
  • To investigate the cause of excessive scale depositions inside tubing.

A valuable technique used by JANSEN during its analyses of circulation conditions is the application of Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring (UFM).

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