Soda Liquor and (SSL) Sulfite Recovery Boiler

Soda Liquor and (SSL) Sulfite Recovery Boiler

Scope of Service

In addition to the kraft process, JANSEN possesses extensive experience with design and operation of sulfite (ammonia and MgO) and soda based recovery boilers. We are a boiler technology company skilled in Soda Liquor and (SSL) Sulfite Recovery Boilers.

Our services include the following activities:

  • Field testing to collect operating data and establish performance and baseline conditions.
  • Performance calculations for ammonia and MgO sulfite liquor boilers.
  • Performance calculations for soda liquor boilers.
  • Engineering evaluation of critical design and operating parameters.
  • Steam/water circulation study.
  • Determination of conceptual recovery boiler modifications.
  • Budget cost and project time schedule estimates.
  • Design/supply SSL recovery boiler burning capacity upgrade.
  • Operator training seminars.


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