The JANSEN team of engineering professionals has established a reputation for unmatched technical expertise in the field of biomass, waste-to-energy, and chemical recovery boilers.

An Example of Poor Combustion

animation- Poor Boiler Combustion

Could the problem be:

  • Boiler performance below target capacity?
  • High particulate carryover?
  • Low boiler efficiency?
  • High carbon monoxide or TRS levels in the flue gas?
  • High levels of unburned carbon in the fly ash?
  • High moisture and/or high ash fuels?
  • High NOx emissions?
  • Inadequate water side circulation?

Are you in need of:

  • Burning more waste fuel?
  • Stack emissions compliance?
  • Increased steaming capacity?
  • Reducing fossil fuels burning?
  • Boiler and power systems startup?
  • Improved boiler efficiency?

Combustion After JANSEN Upgrade

animation- Jansen Boiler Upgrade

The dedicated staff at JANSEN can help you solve combustion and boiler problems along with providing a full range of services including:

  • Problem analysis
  • Solution development
  • On-site equipment testing
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Water side circulation analysis
  • Pressure part alterations
  • Combustion analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling
  • Engineering
  • Detail Systems Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Startup
  • Operator training

Jansen Boiler & Combustion Services

Modern, Side Wall, High Performance Biomass Boiler Overfire Air (OFA) and Waste-to-Energy (RDF) Delivery System Upgrades

  • Significant increase in biomass and RDF fuel burning capacity, reducing fossil fuel consumption.
  • Excellent reduction in carry-over, CO, and VOCs. Potential for NOx reduction.
  • High efficiency OFA nozzles generally do not require new fans.
  • Side wall OFA provides best location for installation and performance.
  • Highly effective, low cost solution (over 55 installed upgrades)

Multi-Level Combustion Air Delivery Upgrades for Chemical Recovery Boilers

  • Significant increase in BLDS burning capacity.
  • Reduction in TRS, CO, NOx, and SO2 emissions.
  • Increase smelt reduction efficiency.
  • Reduce carry-over and flue gas temperatures into the superheater.
  • Reduce fouling of heating surfaces and boiler cleaning frequency.
  • Highly effective, low cost solution (over 25 installed upgrades).

Superheater and Economizer Heating Surfaces Additions and/or Upgrades

  • Add or modify heating surfaces to increase boiler thermal efficiency.
  • Increase final steam temperature to benefit in-house power generation.
  • Modify metallurgy to improve lifespan.

Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) Services for Boiler Retrofits

  • Process, chemical, and mechanical engineering services.
  • Material procurement services.
  • Construction management and installation observation services.

Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling for Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, (MSW, RDF, TDF) and Chemical Recovery Boilers

  • Expanded capabilities to diagnose problems.
  • Evaluate potential operational and/or hardware modifications.
  • Predict boiler performance factors (i.e., emissions).
  • Conducted “in-house” by Jansen personnel.
  • MORE INFORMATION (C-06A.pdf) (C-06B.pdf)

Boiler Water / Steam Circulation Analyses with Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring (UFM) Verification

  • Measure actual flows in boiler circuits.
  • No pressure part modifications required.
  • Verify full computer models.
  • Reduce risk and speculation in circulation analyses.
  • MORE INFORMATION (C-07.pdf) (C-08.pdf)

Non-condensable Gas Incineration in Power and Recovery Boilers

  • Dedicated Jansen High Energy Combustion Air Nozzles™
  • Leak-free injection of noxious HVLC NCG.
  • Effective destruction NCG (HVLC & LVHC).
  • Efficient, low cost solution.
  • MORE INFORMATION (C-12.pdf) (C-13.pdf)

Boiler MACT and CISWI Compliance Review and Implementation

Boiler Engineering Evaluations