Since 1976, Jansen Combustion has been helping industries get the most out of hard to burn fuels like biomass, black liquor, municipal solid waste, refuse-derived fuel, and tire-derived fuel.

Our founder, Johan Jansen, was a boiler expert who recognized a need for improving the operational performance of existing industrial boilers. The company’s early projects focused on the energy efficiency of recovery and power boilers in the North American pulp and paper industry and included boiler evaluations and audits in a half-dozen major mills. 

Having been helpful to many mills on process improvement, Jansen was asked to design and supply boiler equipment upgrades such as superheaters, economizers, and tubular air heaters. Projects were undertaken, and an in-house design team grew with each major project being developed.

 In 1989, Jansen developed and patented the High-energy Combustion Air Nozzle™ for use on chemical recovery and biomass boilers. Unlike other overfire air ports available then and now, the Jansen nozzle design creates high velocity air jets that effectively penetrate the furnace with minimal pressure loss. This original design has since been enhanced by dividing the nozzle into two sections and adding “Multi-range” to the product’s capability by providing effective air control from zero to 100% open.

In the early 1990s, Jansen’s process and design capabilities were further enriched by the addition of in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling. Continuous software and hardware improvements over the decades have led to very accurate models whose predictions are seen in the field. Ultrasonic Flow Metering (UFM) was also added to the Jansen toolbox to enable boiler circulation studies to be done.

Some major projects successfully implemented are lower furnace replacements, low-odor conversions for recovery boilers, many air system upgrades for biomass boilers, and improved superheaters, economizers, and tubular air heaters to meet new operating conditions.

Jansen is a privately held company and, upon the retirements of our founder and other leaders, Doug Giarde became our president in 2019.  The continuity in ownership and management is a key reason why Jansen has maintained its original mission of high quality engineering and customer-centered service.

Jansen has weathered numerous challenges in its long history, and today is optimistic about the future. With more than 47 years of business experience, a staff of seasoned veterans and sharp newcomers, and a well-earned reputation for its quality of engineering, Jansen is poised to maintain its position as an industry leader for years to come.

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