Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an excellent tool for understanding current combustion air flow and heat transfer, and it becomes invaluable when considering options for improving boiler operation.

CFD can model the entire flue gas development process and flow from the bottom of the boiler to the stack inlet. It produces fluid flow patterns, fuel combustion processes, fuel capacity, emissions performance, and heat transfer profiles in the various boiler-related equipment.

Typical Analysis

The scope of a CFD project typically includes field data collection, set-up of a model to evaluate current flow characteristics, and the use of this model to evaluate conceptual improvements to the combustion system.

Jansen has been conducting in-house CFD modeling for over 30 years. We’ve used it to modify operating parameters, and design and build upgraded components such as superheaters, economizers, and tubular air heaters.

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