Addressing Boiler MACT and CISWI Compliance

Jansen’s Approach in Addressing Boiler MACT and CISWI Compliance

  • Problem Definition
    • Determine the classification of the facility and its boiler(s).
    • Establish emissions limits that pertain to the boiler(s) classification(s).
    • Review current and historical emissions data relating to MACT and CISWI regulations.
    • Provide recommendations to obtain missing information.
    • Provide operational tuning of the unit(s).
    • Identify boiler emissions that will require remediation.
    • Provide potential solutions/options based on available information.
  • Solution Creation
    • Determine the feasibility of changing the boiler’s classification to avoid or alleviate modifications required to meet MACT or CISWI.
    • Further develop potential solutions/modifications needed to meet emissions limits.
    • Identify the most cost effective solution (± 30% cost estimate).
    • Assist the customer in preparing its submittal to the permitting agency.
  • Solution Implementation
    • Develop appropriations grade cost estimate (±10%), if necessary.
    • If requested, implement the solution design/supply or design/supply/construct project.
    • Work with our complementary partners to offer a complete solution.

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