Waste to Energy

Fuels for the Waste-to-Energy (WTE) industry are municipal solid waste (MSW), refuse derived fuel (RDF), and tire derived fuel (TDF). The wide variability of the physical characteristics of MSW and RDF make it a hard fuel to burn consistently but optimizing the combustion process is possible and beneficial to the plant’s operating efficiency. And while TDF is a fairly consistent fuel, combustion optimization benefits both efficiency and emissions at the stack.  Jansen has completed the following projects for customers in the industry.

  • General troubleshooting and problem root cause analyses.
  • Superheater corrosion analyses.
  • Feasibility studies for boiler fuel conversion (from prior fuel to MSW/RDF/TDF).
  • Review of process design factors, pressure part evaluations, and circulation studies.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of combustion performance and heat transfer characteristics.
  • Efficient combustion air delivery systems such as overfire air (OFA) upgrades.
  • ASME Code “S” pressure part design (furnace walls, superheater, generating bank, economizer).
  • Pressure parts supply, fabrication, and installation.

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