Complementary Scope

Jansen can implement holistic end to end boiler evaluations and provide engineering services that cover design, equipment supply, and installation for comprehensive boiler upgrades.

To make this possible, Jansen has established relationships with reputable companies that provide complementary services and equipment that add to our area of expertise. We leverage the experience and know-how of these organizations when the needs of our customer are best served by offering a comprehensive scope of supply of high-quality services and materials.

As part of Jansen’s services for boiler evaluations, analysis, engineering, and upgrade services, we can address the following elements in addition to our core engineering services. These additional services include process analysis, design development, and project implementation for upgrades related to:

  • Fuel and Ash Handling
  • Automation and Controls
  • Inspections and Equipment Assessment
  • Pollution Control
  • Grates and Fuel Distribution
  • Stack Testing
  • Online Boiler Cleaning

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