From time to time we publish specific brochures on Jansen products/services.

These brochures describe what we do and how we can assist your mill by utilizing these specific products or services. Our current brochures are listed below.

Please feel free to print any of our brochures using Adobe Reader (which you can download at no cost to you). Alternatively, upon request, we will send a reprint of any brochure(s).

Would you like to burn more wood-waste?

JANSEN OFA (Overfire air) System Upgrade Using High Energy Combustion Air Nozzle

What to do with HVLC NCG?

Jansen solutions to High Volume Low Concentration noncondensible gas disposal.

What do you do with secondary sludge?

Jansen's new approach is emerging as a low cost alternative to traditional disposal methods.

Patented Jansen High Energy Combustion Air Nozzles™

High Energy Combustion Air Nozzles™ provide excellent characteristics for injection of Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA) into recovery boiler furnaces.