Natural Gas Co-firing and Conversions

Natural gas remains attractive as a co-firing fuel in existing solid and liquid fired boilers despite its price volatility. With lower CO, CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions and zero direct particulate as compared to coal and oil, natural gas brings solid benefits to a mill’s operational and Boiler MACT compliance goals. But the addition or expansion of natural gas firing can affect the boiler’s ability to meet its original design parameters. An in-depth analysis of current conditions and evaluation of the desired outcomes is necessary.

Scope of Services

  • Engineering evaluation of the boiler to determine the unit’s capacities and capabilities when operating on natural gas fuel at varied co-fired or sole fuel source conditions.
  • Initial assessment of the feasibility, technical practicality, and scope definition of required modifications such as pressure parts, fans, etc. for budgetary use.
  • Assistance in making informed decisions on where to place the burners, burner sizing, and burner NOx generation.
  • Steam/water side circulation study and combustion CFD modeling while (co-)firing natural gas.
  • Definition engineering to develop +/-10% accuracy level cost estimate.
  • Engineering design, fabrication, and materials supply, including gas burners.
  • Operator training and start-up assistance.

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