Boiler Operator Training

Boiler operations teams may possibly be the most important people in a facility. Because without consistent steam quality and volume, nothing happens. Having competent people at the boilers’ controls and on the floor is critical for success.

But many mills and plants struggle with losing experienced operators to retirement, transfer to new roles, and other reasons. Despite doing their best on-the-job training with the new people, much of the knowledge that they’ve gained over the years leaves with them.

Jansen can help you address this experience gap. We have training materials for biomass, recovery, and mass-burn boilers, and work with you to customize the content to your specific situation.

Jansen comes on-site and gets in-depth with your crews on topics such as:

  • Managing the combustion triangle of temperature, time, and turbulence.
  • Understanding the variable nature of fuels like woody biomass, black liquor, municipal solid waste (MSW), refuse-derived Fuel (RDF), and tire-derived fuel (TDF).
  • Using fuel and air controls to optimize performance such as adjusting feeders and liquor guns to manage the grate or bed coverage, and balancing undergrate and overfire air to minimize carryover and emissions.
  • Understanding flow, temperature, and pressure instrumentation outputs and incorporating them into optimization strategies.
  • Managing excess air to maximize efficiency and minimize pollutant emissions.


No matter your boiler type, it’s always about the three “T”s.

In addition to the on-site presentation and hardcopy reference binder, our operator training typically includes the Jansen engineer spending several days in the control room and around the boiler with the operators. This “extra-curricular” education brings the classroom to life in the daily operation of the boilers and gives the operators opportunities for further discussion and learning.

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