Feedwater System Analysis

Proper function of a feedwater system is crucial in maintaining overall boiler operation. Issues related to feedwater systems can include excessive pump head requirements, uneven pump performance in multi-pump systems, and suboptimal control valve performance. System evaluation is an important factor in sizing pumps and designing pipe layouts for feedwater system upgrades and modifications.

Jansen has experience in evaluating and troubleshooting existing feedwater systems as well as designing and supplying system modifications. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Overall system evaluation, including pump head and flow calculations, system head loss calculations, and control valve analysis.
  • Pressure drop analysis and pipe stress analysis of existing systems and modifications to existing systems.
  • Piping design, including isometric and orthographic drawings, for modifications to existing systems.
  • Specification and supply of system components such as pumps, piping, pipe supports, valves, strainers, flowmeters, etc.

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