Boiler MACT/GACT Tuning

Boiler MACT Tune-ups and Energy Assessments

Jansen provides boiler tuning and energy assessment services that allow operators of boilers and fired heaters to comply with the Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT) or Generally Available Control Technology (GACT) regulations. But regular tune-ups and the one-time energy assessment do more than just keep your plant in environmental compliance by reducing emissions. They also give you the opportunity to optimize operations through improved fuel burnout and increased thermal efficiency.

Understanding the facility’s air permit and emissions limits for carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are an essential part of the tune-up activity. CO levels are directly related to combustion efficiency, and Boiler MACT/GACT tune-ups are done specifically to reduce CO emissions while also optimizing excess air levels in the combustor. The MACT/GACT regulations do not consider NOx emissions. But optimization must not result in an increase in NOx beyond any other permit limit (such as Title V) so both CO and NOx are monitored during the process.

Using rugged calibrated instruments, Jansen engineers collect oxygen, CO, and NOx data as a baseline. Incremental adjustments are then made to the combustion process, with attention paid to optimizing fuel and air delivery parameters with the intent to lower CO without exceeding the mandated NOx limit. Through this process, combustion is optimized, and emissions are reduced.

Jansen has implemented Boiler MACT/GACT tune-ups for a variety of boilers, designed by OEMs large and small, that fire a variety of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. Our practical experience across this boiler landscape gives us the knowledge base to get you dialed in and running your best while staying environmentally compliant.

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