Jansen Combustion and Boiler Technologies, Inc. produces a number of different publications for the industry.

  • Newsletters

    We published our first newsletter in 1988, and have been publishing them once or sometimes twice per year ever since. Each Newsletter presents a synopsis of recent and ongoing JANSEN projects and contains articles discussing topics of a technical nature that are of interest to our customers.

    In recent years, we have mailed approximately 3,000 copies and approximately 2,500 copies have been e-mailed, to past, current, and potential future customers, as well as to other parties that are interested in hearing about our work.

  • Brochures

    From time to time we publish specific brochures on JANSEN products/services. These brochures describe what we do and how we can assist your mill by utilizing these specific products or services.

  • Technical Papers

    Since the inception of our company in 1976, JANSEN employees have authored numerous technical papers and publications pertaining to biomass, chemical recovery, and MSW/RDF boiler topics. These papers were presented at technical conferences, such as TAPPI, ICRC, BLRBAC, INFUB, NAWTEC, NCASI, as well as other venues. Many of them were also published in industry magazines, such as the TAPPI Journal, for example.

  • Boiler House Cartoons

    Cartoons depicting people and situations in the boiler house have been included in JANSEN newsletters since our third issue, published in 1989. A compilation of past cartoons, nine of which have never before been published, is presented for your enjoyment.

    Gord Stevens of Alberta, Canada created the cartoons. In his career, Gord has held a variety of positions at kraft pulp mills, in boiler operations, environmental management, and biomass boiler cogeneration.

    Gord has the rare insight to find humor in the design and operations of recovery and power boilers. We hope you enjoy his cartoons as much as we do.