Every year Jansen Combustion and Boiler Technologies, Inc. sponsors workshops for representatives of the Pulp/Forest Products and Waste-to-Energy Industries, Independent Power Producers, Utilities, and other Industrial Boilers.  As always, we are pleased to offer these workshops at no cost to the attendees.

Each year we host two workshops in various parts of North America with the first workshop being typically held in the Spring with the second one in the  Fall.

2021 Biomass Boiler Workshops

After a yearlong break, we were excited to announce the return of the Biomass Boiler Workshop in the Music City of Nashville!

The workshop was held in Nashville, Tennessee on November 4 and 5, 2021.
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Personnel in biomass-fired boiler facilities frequently ponder:

  • What does it take to burn biomass effectively?
  • How can I improve operations and increase firing rates?
  • What are the elements of effective control systems that optimize combustion?
  • How can I maintain emissions compliance from a biomass-fired boiler?
  • How can I achieve reliable delivery of fuel to the boiler?
  • What are the key parameters to effectively convey ash material from the boiler?

Along the banks of the Cumberland River, our event in Nashville, Tennessee will provide you with the answers to these “burning” questions!

This workshop consists of presentations about new technological developments to improve operating performance, burning capacity, emissions performance, and fuel economy of biomass and other solid fuel-fired boilers.

You will learn about the latest retrofit technology for biomass boilers and associated equipment. See how other plants solve their biomass boiler problems, and overcome plant-specific problems.

The workshop was offered free of charge and sponsored by:

If you are not on our workshop e-mailing list please contact us at either jansen@jansenboiler.com or cathy.thomas@jansenboiler.com and we will make sure you receive a personal invitation.